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Caution on usage of MATLAS Data Release 2

MATLAS data simulates the expected performance of the ICESat-2 ATLAS instrument. It is produced from MABEL granules by adjusting that data\'s detected number of signal and noise photons to that predicted using ATLAS instrument model design cases. The MATLAS data uses an HDF5 format similar to the MABEL data Release 10. This work is preliminary and the quality of the simulation products has not been fully evaluated.

Please verify you are working with the latest release of the data by referring to the ICESat-2 MATLAS data distribution site. Refer to the release notes and standard data product descriptions for information on changes in data attributes and/or processing methods in future releases.

As stated this is a preliminary release and additional calibrations and improvements may be done. Please email Kaitlin Walsh ( with a copy to Tom Neumann ( and David Hancock ( regarding any quality issues you identify while working with the data or if you have questions about these data. This will be helpful to us as we continue to improve the MATLAS data products.

Access Constraints

Data may not be reproduced or distributed without including the Citation For External Publication (below). Data may not be distributed in an altered form without the written permission of the ICESat-2 Project Science Office.

Citation For External Publication

The data used in this study were produced by the ICESat-2 Project Science Office at NASA/GSFC.

Form for Requesting MATLAS Simulations

To request MATLAS simulations, download the form below, fill it out, and email it to Kaitlin Walsh at

Data Dictionary

The MATLAS Data Dictionary describes the structure of the MATLAS data.

Data Documentation

The MATLAS Documention below describes the latest release of MATLAS data.

Data Products

The link below will take you to a page where you can select MATLAS data.

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