ICESat-2 Sea Ice Data

This page provides links to derived sea ice datasets from the ICESat-2 mission. The Standard ICESat-2 data products for along-track sea ice height/type (, freeboard ( and gridded (daily and monthly, 25 km x 25km) freeboard ( and sea surface height anomaly ( are all hosted at the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC).

Petty et al. (2020) sea ice thickness and related files are here:  Petty el al. (2020)

Kacimi and Kwok (2022) sea ice thickness files are here: Kacimi and Kwok (2022)

Blair et al. (2022) LVIS L1B PhaseOne QuickLook Georeferenced Imagery are here: Blair et al. (2022)

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