We encourage you to get involved in mission applications by attending an applications event, contacting one of the team members, or joining our online email listserv to stay informed about future activities. You can also provide us with feedback by emailing us at:  icesat-2-applications@lists.nasa.gov

Events and Activities

The Applications Team will host at least one workshop, focus session or tutorial per year. These events are designed to bring developers and users together to engage in dialogue on how products are used and what can be done to improve them.

Quarterly Newsletter

ICESat-2 Applications Community Newsletter

Check out our latest community newsletter announcing the upcoming release of ICESat-2 QuickLook products and more!

Latest Training

Use of Solar Induced Fluorescence and LIDAR to Assess Vegetation Change and Vulnerability
March 16, 2021 - March 25, 2021
In this NASA ARSET training, Amy Neuenschwander, ICESat-2 Science Team Member for vegetation, describes he land and vegetation data products functionality. Nicolas Kotlinski, User Services Representative at the NASA NSIDC DAAC also provides an overview of the tools and data services available for ICESat-2.

In the Spotlight

Check out our short presentation on Data Services and Applications Efforts for NASA ICESat-2.

Types of Events

  • Workshops: Meetings that are widely announced and open to the public with the intent that a broad diversity of topics is used to facilitate information to audiences with diverse interests.​
  • Focus Sessions: Small events tailored to specific communities to provide detailed information about a connected group of products or applications.​
  • Tutorials: Information transfer events that address potential synergies designed to leverage innovation on how to best combine datasets from other missions (NASA and others) with those of ICESat-2.​
  • Town Halls: Town Halls provide an opportunity for questions and answers with the project science team and the applications team.

Past Events

Explore past events hosted by the ICESat-2 Applications Team!

Mapping and Monitoring Lakes and Reservoirs with Satellite Observations
Virtual NASA ARSET Training
February 9, 2021 - February 23, 2021
Video presentation: here.

Second Latin America and Caribbean Scientific Data Management Workshop
10th & 24th Feb 2021
Panel with Steve Tanner (NSIDC DAAC) available here.
Presentation available here.

AMS 101: Partnering with NASA for Data Discovery
January 11, 2021
Abstract & Video available here.

USFS-NASA Pitch Fest
June 2-3, 2020

Book of Abstracts available here.
Recording and presentations available here.

ICESat-2 for Polar Applications Discovery @ Third Polar Data Forum
Helsinki, Finland
November 18 to 22, 2019

Agenda available here.
Session overview and presentations available here.

USFS – NASA Joint Applications Workshop
Salt Lake City, UT
April 30 – May 2, 2019

Meeting prospectus.
The Earth Observer report.

Early Adopter Benchmark Meeting
Boulder, CO
October 31, 2018

Meeting prospectus available here.

Early Adopter Showcase @ Launch
Buellton, CA
September 14, 2018

Applications Handout available here.
EA Small Posters available here.

Early Adopter Roundtables
February 15,20,27, 2018

Roundtables Report available here.

Joint ICESat-2 Atmospheric Tutorial with CALIPSO, EARTHCARE, ADM-AEOLUS and CATS
Boulder, Colorado
May 31 - June 1, 2017

Meeting Prospectus here.
Tutorial report available here.

Melting Ice, Rising Sea Level Focus Session
Huntsville, Alabama
15-16 November 2016

Meeting Prospectus here.
Focus Session Report available here.

ICESat-2 Inland Water Focus Session
AWRA Annual Water Resources Conference
Denver, Colorado
November 18, 2015

Focus Session Report available here.

2nd ICESat-2 Applications Workshop
Goddard Space Flight Center, Maryland
March 2015

Workshop Report available here.

ICESat-2/SMAP Sea Ice Focus Session
Stennis Space Center, MS
18-19 August 2014

Focus Session Report available here.

Joint Vegetation Tutorial with
Landsat 8

University of Michigan
May 2014

Tutorial report available here .

ICESat-2 Mission Applications: Improving Science Applications Tools and Research
Atlanta, GA
February 2014

A recording of this presentation is available here.

First ICESat-2 applications workshop
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
April 2012

Workshop report available here.

Joint Mission Tutorial with SMAP
Fairbanks, Alaska
September 2012

Tutorial report available .

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