In 2014, the ICESat-2 outreach team began collaborating with art and design students from Bowling Green State University (BGSU) and the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) Collaborative Learning Center. Students worked in teams with their professors and a NASA project lead to come up with creative ideas to communicate ICESat-2’s science and engineering. Winning ideas were selected to be implemented by the ICESat-2 mission, leading to products including a bookmark, posters, a website redesign and an animated short. The program was led by Helen-Nicole Kostis, NASA Goddard Senior Science Visualizer. Following the successful programs, the team once again collaborated with SCAD and SCADpro in 2022 and 2023 to create new products for the mission in its fifth year of operation. The 2022-2023 program was led by Adriana Manrique GutierrezMultimedia Specialist and Animator at NASA Goddard's Conceptual Image Lab.


(Left) BSGU sudents presenting their Pop-Up book prototype. (Right) SCAD students from both the Atlanta and Savannah campus attend the kick-off meeting with ICESat-2's Project Scientist: Thorsten Markus.
(Left) 2014 SCAD students in Savannah. (Right) 2023 SCADpro students visiting the Goddard Space Flight Center.


BGSU Professors:  Kim Turner Young, Bonnie Mitchell

SCAD Professors: Deborah R. Fowler, Clarke Stallworth

Several concepts from SCAD students were selected and developed as a result of this program. The SCAD program involved 24 students over two campuses (Savannah and Atlanta) and an additional 13 SCAD interns to help in the production phase. All of the below products were created by SCAD students and professors, in collaboration with NASA. 





'Pho' the Photon and 'Paige' the Penguin were mission mascots
created and realized by:

Student Team
Adriana Manrique
Kristina Ness
Veronica Zak
Emily Gerich
Ziye Liu
Zimei Song
Faith Zeng

Supervising Professor: Deborah Fowler
Producer: Helen-Nicole Kostis





 HiRes The Photon Jump Animation is a with Story modifications (render 1080HD) 2min17sec (2min 48sec with credits)

Release Date

March 3, 2017 at the Pacific Science Center, Seattle, Washington, in conjunction with the 2017 Polar Science Weekend. View related NASA feature article.

​Producer Phase I:
Helen-Nicole Kostis
Producer Phase II: Adriana Manrique
Director/Supervising Professor: Deborah R. Fowler
Concept Development Phase I: Adriana Manrique Kristina Ness Veronica Zak Concept
Development Phase II: Taylor Aseere
Animation Phase I: Adriana Manrique Maria Venegas Veronica Zak
Animation Phase II: Taylor Aseere
​Visual Effects Phase I: Phuong Ong Eileen Heilsnis Ziye Liu James Spadafora Will Cavanagh Zimei Song
Visual Effects Phase II: Jinguang Huang Yinghao Chai Nitin Garg
Character Technical Director: Xiong Lin
Sound Design Phase I:  John Harton
Sound Design Phase II: Richard Adams

NASA ICESat-2  Team
Thorsten Markus, ICESat-2 Project Scientist
Valerie Casasanto, ICESat-2 Outreach Lead
Tom Neumann, ICESat-2 Deputy Project Scientist
Tony Marino, ICESat-2 Project Scientist-Instrument
Charles Webb, ICESat-2 Project Science Office
Patrick Lynch, ICESat-2 Communications

Brian Campbell, ICESat-2 Education Lead

Conceptual Image Lab
Walt Feimer
Chris Meaney
Michael Lentz
Brian Monroe

SCAD Collaborative Learning Center

Dean Tina O’Hailey
Chair Barbara McCullough
Professor Stuart Robertson




Dimensions 1.5 x 6”

3D lenticular double-sided bookmarks were produced. The bookmark comes with an activity to measure melting ice.

Student Team
Adriana Manrique
Kristina Ness
Veronica Zak

Supervising Professor: Deborah Fowler




The website you are now on was designed for both desktop and mobile.

Student Team
Nick Braver
Kristina Ness
Adriana Manrique 
Kathryn Roberts

Supervising Professor: Deborah Fowler
Producer: Helen-Nicole Kostis​




Educational posters were created and produced to communicate the science of the mission. Both single sided and double sided posters were produced. The horizontal graphic of the different 'biomes' ICESat-2 will measure is frequently used to talk about the mission.

Supervising Professor: Deborah Fowler
Producer: Helen-Nicole Kostis
Poster 1 + 2:
Adriana Manrique
Phuong Ong
Veronica Zak
Poster 3:
Adriana Manrique
Phuong Ong
Veronica Zak
Kathryn Roberts




A pop-up banner was created to provide a backdrop for talking about the mission at public events.

Student Team
Adriana Manrique

Producer: Helen-Nicole Kostis​




Public tours take place outside NASA Goddard's clean room, where ATLAS is being tested and integrated. A large-scale banner was created to communicate the mission.

Team Members
Phuong Ong
Veronica Zak
Adriana Manrique

Supervising Professor: Deborah Fowler
Producer: Helen-Nicole Kostis




The Advanced Topographic Laser Altimeter System, or ATLAS, is the sole instrument aboard ICESat-2. The ICESat-2/SCAD team designed and created the logo for the ATLAS instrument.

Producer: Helen-Nicole Kostis
Team Members:
Kathryn Roberts
Adriana Manrique




A book that highlights a journey of indigenous knowledge, scientific inquiry, imagination and hope. Written and illustrated by a former intern, Shawnell McFarlane, this book is dedicated to her family, elders, tribal youth, Squaxin Island and Skokomish Tribes, and all indigenous communities.

Author and Illustrator
Shawnell McFarlane

Content Contributor and Editor: Valerie Casasanto
Design and Layout Support: Lindsay Brine





Join Tourist Pho on an adventure to measure the Black Forest and send the results back to Paige the Penguin! Developed as an Instagram short, Tourist Pho is a result of the 2022-2023 collaborative student program between ICESat-2 and Savannah College of Art and Design SCADpro. Other SCADpro products included animated shorts, posters, cards, games and more. Stay tuned for updates as products are released! All 2022-2024 student participants are listed below.  

Instagram Link:
Tourist Pho

SCAD Faculty:
Dr. Deborah R Fowler

2022-2023 Students:
Joshua Bates
Sara Blaske
Mikayla Brander
Lindsay Brine
Maddie Buchmann
Cai Burks
Avery Chang
Monica Chavez
Skai Chow
Raphael Conrad
Natalie Crenwelge
Dee Divakaran
Austin Farmer
Eliezer Garcia Gazaui
Caleb Green
David Hardy
Maria Hormaza
Gabriel Lam
Rebecca Lau
Vincent Lee
Ryan Orebaugh
Joshua Ruggeri
Handley Shelton
Daniela Shuping
Madison Snow
Hannah Spillers
Amanda Skeith
Kazue Tng
Qinye Xiang
Aoran Zhao

NASA Partners:
Dr. Tom Neumann, Project Scientist
Valerie Casasanto, ICESat-2 Education Outreach
Adriana Manrique, Conceptual Image Lab




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