Valerie Casasanto

Education and Outreach Lead

Tom Neumann

Deputy Project Scientist

Thorsten Markus

Project Scientist

Stephen Holland

Programmer with the ICESat-2 Science Computing Center, and the ATLAS Flight Science Receiver Algorithms team

Sabrina Delgado Arias

Applications Coordinator

Pho the Photon

Lead Photon

Phil Luers

Deputy Instrument Systems Engineer for ATLAS

Orson John

Reliability/Quality Engineer

Megan Bock

ATLAS systems engineer

Matthew Garrison

ATLAS Thermal Lead

Mark Seidleck

Deputy Project Manager/Resources

Luis Ramos-Izquierdo

Optical Systems Engineer

Lori Magruder

Science Definition Team Leader

Kelly Brunt

MABEL and SIMPL science flight planner, post-launch calibration and validation

Kate Ramsayer

Science writer and outreach specialist

Joseph Krygiel

Project Schedule Manager

Jim Busch

Ground Systems Manager

James Jaranyi
Mission Operations Director
Erik Andrews

Software Systems Lead

Ed Sullivan

Electrical Engineer

Doug McLennan

Project Manager

Donya Douglas-Bradshaw

ATLAS Project Manager

Charles Chidekel

Mission Integration and Test Manager

Carol Lilly

ATLAS Integration & Testing Programmatic Lead

Brian Campbell

ICESat-2 Educational Lead

Anthony Martino

Instrument Scientist

Alison Burns

Project Admin

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