Science Definition Team Leader

Lori Magruder is a research scientist at the University of Texas Applied Research Laboratories and has been the ICESat-2 SDT Leader since 2014.  Her technical background is in aerospace engineering, with a focus on lidar remote sensing. One of her favorite experiences was working on the first ICESat mission, where her task was to capture the satellite’s laser footprint as it hits the ground, in order to validate the measurement timing. Although this task required her to be out in the desert in the dead of night, waiting for the satellite fly-overs, she reports that having a green laser from space hit you on the head was pretty fantastic. She was able to catch 10 spots and was called ‘The Queen of the Green’ by her ICESat team. She looks forward to seeing ICESat-2 on-orbit and the opportunity to contribute to such an exciting mission! Lori enjoys living in Austin, Texas, with her husband and three children, loves to travel and believes that breakfast tacos are one of the greatest inventions…..ever.

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