Sudhagar Nagarajan

Florida Atlantic University

Applied Research Topic: 

Incorporation of simulated ICESat-2 (MABEL) data to increase the time series and accuracy of Greenland/ Antarctica Ice Sheet DDEM (Dynamic DEM)-A Feasibility Study.

Potential Applications: 

Sea level rise monitoring/forecasting


Our team has been using ICESat, ATM, photoclinometry DEM, ASTER DEMs and SPOT DEMs to generateеКhigh resolution and multi-temporal DEMs. The availability of any new elevation data will be beneficial for a more accurate temporal and spatial interpolation. Two major goals of the research are 1) providing a more accurate and reliable information to ice sheet modelers, and 2) computing a more precise past/current ice volume discharge.еКBeing in Florida Atlantic University (FAU), which mostly serves to the people living along the coast of Atlantic Ocean, it adds our responsibility to know as well as inform the community of sea level rise. Being involved in this research and EA program will help us easily create awareness of sea level rise and its socio-economic impacts.

  • Dr. Csatho (SUNY, Buffalo): Interpretation of results and derive conclusions
  • Dr. Schenk (SUNY, Buffalo): Developing dh/dt algorithms
End Users: 

Center for Environmental Studies, POC: Dr. Leonard Berry (works with local, national, and international government organizations on sea level rise)

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