Applied Users Program Application Deadlines: 

  • For April review, submission deadline 31 March 2019
  •  For October review, submission deadline 30 September 2019

Applied Users

Having successfully launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California on September 15, 2018, the mission is now ready for public release of its science data products by May 2019. Before the data is live, the ICESat-2 Applications team is inviting interested individuals or groups to become ICESat-2 Applied Users (AU). The AU program promotes research on practical applications of ICESat-2 science data.

It aims to clarify how the ICESat-2 science data products can be integrated, improved or leveraged to advance science objectives aligned with or beyond those of the mission, and in support of a range of decisions and actions of benefit to society. With this aim, the program focuses on building partner relationships between the AU and the ICESat-2 mission scientists in order to allow for direct feedback and support on the functionality and utility of the science data, as well as to facilitate integration of the data into decision/operational systems.


The AU program is open to any individual or group from a national or international public or private sector organization, industry association, university, or non-government organization interested in applying ICESat-2 data to support actionable decisions that influence the well-being of their target communities. To be eligible for the program, interested parties must have: (1) a direct or clearly defined need for ICESat-2 data products, (2) an existing application or established link to decision-making activity, (3) and ability to apply your own resources (e.g. funding, personnel, facilities) to demonstrate the utility of ICESat-2 data for a particular application.


  • Get support from a Science Definition Team (SDT) or Project Science Office (PSO) member: after acceptance into the program, you will join an SDT or PSO member as a partner and receive direct guidance and support on the functionality of the data products.
  • Participate in quarterly webinars: the Applications team will host a quarterly webinar for Applied Users to share updates on the mission status, provide support and information on the data products, gather feedback, share schedules and timelines, and answer questions.The EA program is an unfunded activity formalized through an early data access agreement between the mission and the participating organization.
  • Be in the know about ICESat-2: As an AU, you will be among the first to know about any new features of the science data products and to receive updates on the mission and ICESat-2 field campaigns.
  • Reference lessons learned: AU will have the opportunity to interact and exchange lessons learned with the mission’s Early Adopters during quarterly webinars and at the various applications events.


We welcome your nomination(s) to the Applied Users Program. Please email Sabrina Delgado Arias ( to obtain an application. The Applications Team will accept AU research proposals under a biannual approval process up to the last day of the month preceding the month of review, as follows:

  • For April review, submission deadline 31 March 2019
  • For October review, submission deadline 30 September 2019
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